You may have noticed some new construction happening along Maple Ave and in front of the Temple to Music. The Providence Parks Department is in the process of installing a new sidewalk for walking/running along Maple Ave to the access road at the Temple to Music. The on-street walking/running lane in this area is being moved to the new sidewalk and both on-road bike lanes will be shifted over accordingly. Additional marked parking will be added along Maple Ave to the access road at the Temple to Music. Throughout the park, temporary barrels and electronic signage have been slated for removal and yellow delineators and striping will be added accordingly.



3 thoughts on “New sidewalk install along Maple Ave to Temple to Music”

  1. Anne Hird says:

    Why weren’t sidewalks or semipermeable walks all the way around the “greenway” part of the original plan? A child with a tape measure could have determined that the road isn’t wide enough for all the parking, travel, bike & pedestrian lanes.

    Also, why add MORE striping and yellow posts? There is absolutely NOTHING green about the one-way “greenway”. In contrast to preserving the natural beauty of the park, the excessive signage & striping have created visual pollution.

    This evening, I happened to drive in from the Broad St entrance. As I drove in toward the tennis courts, I was reminded of how beautiful the rest of the park was three months ago. The damage done visually as well as the horrendous noise created by motorbikes using the “greenway” as a race track are totally contradictory to the stated goal of restoring and preserving RWP.

    1. Jenn Miller says:

      I agree Anne. How can anyone admire a 100+ year old norway spruce under new fallen snow or the graceful form of that birch over the pond at the Park Avenue entrance when there’s a sign every 20 feet and electric yellow curbing?

      It’s an amazing old growth park that now looks like a giant road cone.

  2. Marge Ovalles says:

    I find it difficult nowadays to navigate the park. Now , with one way streets, you circle around several times only to find yourself back where you started.. I used to know the park pretty well, but not now. A map doesn’t help, because it doesn’t tell which streets are one way.

    I wanted to go to the temple of Music. When I got to Farragut Ave, (off Broad), all I had to do was turn left and it was just down the street. Now, it’s one way going right and it takes you round and round. Frustrating

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