The Roger Williams Park Conservancy serves as a steward for the long-term sustainability of Roger Williams Park and its enjoyment by the community.

The Roger Williams Park Conservancy was created in 2016 as part of the Rhode Island Foundation’s Campaign for Roger Williams Park. As an independent nonprofit organization, the Conservancy’s mission is to sustain and enhance Roger Williams Park as a vibrant public space for all. Our vision is that Roger Williams Park transforms lives by being a personal oasis, a neighborhood park, and a community treasure for Rhode Island and beyond. We strive to be collaborative, inclusive, steadfast, visionary, adaptive, transparent, and dignified. We work with the City of Providence Parks Department to steward Roger Williams Park, offer community programs, raise resources, coordinate marketing efforts, and plan for the long-term sustainability of the Park and its enjoyment by the community.

Our recent strategic plan is available to download and read here.

Board Members

Christopher Ackley, Secretary

Melissa Carden

Audrey A. Clifton

Gonzalo Cuervo

Meredith Curren, Vice-Chair

Jennifer Dalton

Ruth Fain


Christopher Lanen

Sheila McAleer

Joe A. Pari, Chair

Jenny Pereira

Beatrice Pulliam, Treasurer

Susanna Prull

Amy Rosa

Stacey Johnson *

Wendy A. Nilsson **

* Executive Director, Rhode Island Zoological Society, advisory member

** Superintendent, Providence Parks, advisory member

The Conservancy’s financial statements and governing documents are available upon request to