The City of Providence Parks Department and Department of Planning and Development have some big ideas and big plans for Broad Street, the eastern entrance to Roger Williams Park.  In 2021, the site of the abandoned “El Fogon” fast food restaurant will be transformed into a stunning, welcoming “community center” for Roger Williams Park.  The awning takes inspiration from the multi-colored and multi-cultural storefronts and bodegas on “La Broa,” or Broad Street.  The building will be a 1,100-square foot open-concept meeting room, gallery, or office: sometimes on the same day! The rear of the building will become a “green” outdoor classroom, cleaning up dirty stormwater and describing how nature is at work.

To learn more about the Roger Williams Park “visitor center” enjoy this recorded public presentation from the City and the site designers, In-Form Studio.

But the changes to Broad Street do not end there. The Department of Planning and Development wants to hear from you on Monday, November 16, 2020 about planning improvements to walking, biking, and taking transit on Broad Street. Roger Williams Park Conservancy is excited about these proposals for Broad Street: making the Park more accessible to everyone in “La Broa” will make Providence healthier and more livable for tens of thousand of our neighbors.

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