Have you seen all 28 architectural and artistic creations in the Park? Have you wondered why there are an eagle, a dog, and a falcon in the Park? Have you ever looked at the Boathouse and wondered about its design?

Thanks to the partnership between the Providence Parks Department, Providence Department of Planning and Development, Museum of Natural History and Planetarium, Functional 3-D Designs, and Roger Williams Park Conservancy now you can explore the Park and learn about the Park’s art and architecture with the new Roger Williams Park Self-Guided Tour.


The tour is a mobile map that orients you to where you are in the Park, and the buildings and monuments near you.  If you click on the icon of a park feature you can learn more about it: interactive 3-D scans, photos, historic postcards, history, and more!

In April we will host a Self-Guided Tour Challenge.  Stay tuned for details!

The Museum of Natural History and Planetarium is home to the Roger Williams Park archives. Staff and volunteers maintain and catalogue thousands of photos, maps, plans, reports, and postcards from over 150 years of Park history in the archives. Thanks to these hard-working Roger Williams Park lovers, and the 1989 book Jewel of Providence (from previous Museum staff), you can learn about the long history of the Park through each building and monument. Your membership supports their work, and helps you enjoy programs and events at the Museum all year long!

The Providence Department of Planning and Development contributed their technical expertise to create the interactive map for everyone with a mobile phone or desktop to explore.

Functional 3-D Designs donated their time and talent to scan all kinds of monuments in the Park, from the Temple to Music to the Lions Memorial. Thanks to the team at Functional 3-D Designs for this fun and very generous contribution!

We need you to contribute too! Do you have a story to tell about a building or monument? Do you have an historic photograph of a site? Did you see something that needs correcting? Do you have a question about a site? Click on the “I Have Something To Add” link on any page to connect with us! Together we will make the Roger Williams Park Self-Guided Tour a place for everyone to use for years to come.

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