Roger Williams Park Conservancy and the Providence Parks Department are pooling their resources to make the People’s Park a vibrant place for all. Together, we are addressing critical investments and repairs, some of which you will notice right away, others that are in the background. This update on some of the many projects underway in the Park this month is exciting, we hope you enjoy it. But please reach out and suggest other projects, we want to hear from you!

Miantonomo Bridge:

The Miantonomo Bridge is a beautiful, historic bridge between the Boathouse and the Botanical Center. The Metropolitan Park Commission designed and built three of these bridges as part of the original Park design in the late 19th-century. Last October, a driver lost control of their vehicle and crashed into the side of the Miantonomo Bridge, sending parts of the historic bridge into Pleasure Lake and along the bank. 

The Conservancy and Parks Department hired East Coast Masonry to retrieve the pieces, assess the damage, and restore the bridge.

While East Coast Masonry was in the Park, they also addressed two other sites that were damaged by vehicles this past winter. They retrieved and replaced a boulder from the Cunliff Dam bridge, and replaced the capstone from the pillar on Elmwood Avenue.


Heating and Cooling Replacement in the Casino:

As we detailed in January, replacing the outdated HVAC in the Casino is a top priority for Roger Williams Park. By investing almost $500,000 in a new chiller, boiler, and ductwork, the temperature will be reliable in this beloved historic building for years to come. This month the new heater arrived! The new chiller is already installed in the rear of the building.


Heater: in the door!

Critical new blower, ready to install.

Opened ceiling for blower. Tricky space!

Thanks to the generosity of hundreds of Roger Williams Park lovers and the dedication and resources of the Parks Department, many more projects are in the works for 2021. We will give you updates throughout the year and, as always, send us your photos, comments, and questions.

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  1. Carol Tucker says:

    Would love to see a disk golf course in the park.

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