About the Park

Where is Roger Williams Park located?

Roger Williams Park is located on the border of south Providence and the Edgewood neighborhood of Cranston. The Park’s main entrances are on Elmwood Avenue and Broad Street in Providence and Park Avenue in Cranston. Use 1000 Elmwood Avenue for GPS directions. The Park is accessible by bus; take RIPTA’s Route 6 Prairie Ave / Roger Williams Park Zoo trolley.

How big is the Park?

Roger Williams Park has 435 beautiful acres, including 100 acres of lakes.

When is the Park open?

The Park is free and open to visitors from 7 AM to 9 PM daily.

Who owns the Park?

The Park is owned by the City of Providence.

What about the Zoo?

The Zoo is managed by the Rhode Island Zoological Society. For information about the Zoo, please visit RWPzoo.org.

Are there public restrooms in the Park?

Yes, public restrooms are located at the Carousel Village during operating hours, which vary seasonally.

Can I purchase food and drinks somewhere in the Park?

Refreshments are available for purchase at Frenchy’s Cafe at the Carousel Village, which is open during the carousel’s hours of operation during the warmer months. On Food Truck Friday (May-September), nearly 20 food trucks gather at the Carousel Village in the evening. There are often one (or several) food trucks at the Park at other times as well. And there are many restaurants in the surrounding Providence and Cranston neighborhoods.

List of Nearby Restaurants
  • Liberty Elm Diner, 777 Elmwood Avenue, Providence
  • JP Spoonem’s, 1678 Broad Street, Cranston
  • McDonalds, 1481 Broad Street, Providence
  • Olympic Pizza, 1323 Broad Street, Providence
  • Providence Grille
  • Providence Pizza Palace, 609 Elmwood Avenue, Providence
Are there trashcans in the Park?

Trash cans are limited to designated picnic areas. Similar to major state parks, we encourage you to remove your own trash from the park. Trash cans are provided in picnic areas.

Are pets allowed in the Park?

Dogs are welcome in Roger Williams Park. They must be leashed in all areas of the Park. Please bag and dispose of any waste.

Is smoking allowed in the Park?

No, smoking is not allowed in Roger Williams Park or any other Providence park.

Is alcohol allowed in the Park?

Alcohol is not allowed in the Park unless it is part of an organized event where appropriate permits have been secured.

Can I grill in the Park?

No, grilling is not permitted in the Park.

Are there any rules about photography?

There are no restrictions on taking photographs in the Park. However, if you would like to schedule a formal photo shoot at the Temple to Music, Japanese Garden, Rose Garden, Casino or other area, please contact Heather Manning at (401) 680-7240 for a permit.

Any other advice about the park?

As you would at any large public open space, it is wise to be prudent with your valuables. Do not leave your GPS, purse or phones in your vehicle or out of your sight. Visits should be limited to Park hours.

Events and Activities

What is there to do in the Park?

So much! Roger Williams Park is host to including family picnics, community festivals, weddings, and running groups. The Park today consists of expansive manicured grounds, a system of man-made recreational ponds, public gardens, an extensive roadway/walkway system, tennis courts, ball fields, playgrounds, and the adjacent Roger Williams Park Zoo. The Park has several historic public buildings, including favorites like the Bandstand, Botanical Center, Casino, Carousel, Museum of Natural History, and Temple to Music. The Park also features several gardens and numerous pieces of public art, including tributes to the Civil War Soldier, Guglielmo Marconi, Abraham Lincoln, and Casimir Pulaski. See the Park’s calendar of events and map and self-guided tours.

What’s the best thing to do with children?

The Carousel Village features the Hasbro playground, a merry-go-round, and pony rides. Or just take a stroll; children love to run in the fields of Roger Williams Park! And of course, the Zoo is right next door!

Are there wildlife in the Park?

Yes! Rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels and many species of birds, including wild turkeys, make their home in Roger Williams Park. Deer, coyotes and foxes have even been spotted! Respect the wildlife; never feed or approach a wild, stray, or injured animal. For concerns related to wildlife in the Park, please contact RI Department of Environmental Management (DEM).

Can I kayak or canoe in the park?

One of the best ways to see the Park is by water! Public use of kayaks is permitted . Kayaks can be launched from the boat ramp near the Temple to Music. Swan boats are available for rental next to the Boathouse. Kayaks are also available for rent. Click here for more information about boat rentals and tours.

Can you eat the fish from Park ponds?

Many people fish in the Park’s lakes for fun and relaxation. Please do not eat any fish from Park ponds.

Are there walking paths/trails in the park?

Yes, there are many walking paths and trails throughout the Park; see trail maps.

Who do I contact to reserve a tennis court?

For information about playing on the seasonal Todd Morsilli tennis courts, please call (401) 749-1072.

Is ice-skating permitted in the Park?

The ponds in Roger Williams Park are not safe for ice skating or other winter activities. Please stay off them. While they may look frozen, the shallow depths and sedimentation do not allow for the formation of ice suitable for recreation.

How can I host an event in the Park?

If you would like to reserve space for an event, please contact Heather Manning at (401) 680- 7240. She will provide you with information about applicable permits and fees.

How do I learn more about the buildings, monuments, and other things in the Park?

Click here to download maps with information about the Park’s buildings, monuments/sculptures and trees.

What’s up with all the construction projects?

There is a lot going on at the Park right now, as we strive to make it better for you. Spring and summer, in particular, are busy construction seasons. Keep your eye out for improvements, and check back for updates!

About the Roger Williams Park Conservancy

Who is the Roger Williams Park Conservancy?

The Roger Williams Park Conservancy was created in 2015 as part of the Rhode Island Foundation’s Campaign for Roger Williams Park. As an independent nonprofit organization, the Conservancy works with the City of Providence Parks Department and the community to steward Roger Williams Park, offer community programs, raise resources, coordinate marketing efforts, and plan for long-term sustainability and success. Learn more.

How can I support the Park?

How generous of you to ask! You can help keep Roger Williams Park beautiful and accessible to all. The Roger Williams Park Conservancy relies on private donations to restore and enhance the Park. Learn how you can donate, or honor someone you love with a bench or brick in the Park. Contributions of any size are welcome and appreciated.