Philanthropist Clark Dalrymple funded the construction of this “new” boathouse in 1896. 

The architects designed this Queen Anne-style, which was a popular “holiday” form of building design in the late 19th-century. It combines various stylistic elements designed to evoke an air of gaiety. This style is typical of pavilions and boathouses at seaside and lakefront resorts across the country. Queen Anne architecture parallels a Victorian-era attitude that one must escape the “wicked” city into the purity of the country.

For decades the Boathouse was popular all year long: boating in summer and skating in winter. Today the Clark Dalrymple Boathouse houses offices for the Parks Department, and the Roger Williams Park Conservancy. 

Having undergone a recent restoration, and thanks to a public-private partnership, the Boathouse may be open for more activities soon!

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Date Erected:
Martin and Hall
Did you know?
This is the second boathouse in this location.
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