A change in traffic patterns is coming to Roger Williams Park. Beginning around June 1, you’ll notice that the long loop around Cunliff and Edgewood Lakes, along Frederick C. Greene Memorial Boulevard will be a one-way greenway. The greenway will feature separate lanes for walking/bicycling, driving, and parking.

This initiative of the City of Providence, which was developed after four public meetings gathering input and approved by the Board of Park Commissioners, is intended to calm traffic, reduce traffic congestion, and provide safer conditions for pedestrians and cyclists. Click here to download a map of the greenway from the City.

The Conservancy has not taken a position on this change. We have heard from neighbors who are in support of the plan and neighbors who are opposed. While it has many busy city streets, we wish for our Park to be primarily a place for recreation and enjoyment. Our priority is the safety of all Park visitors.


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