The Roger Williams Parks Conservancy, Providence Parks Department’s Forestry division, and volunteers and friends from The Audubon Society of Rhode Island, The Nature Conservancy, and Save the Bay teamed up over two days to plant 28 magnolia trees and over 200 shoreline shrubs. Thanks to the Conservancy’s donors, the support of the State of Rhode Island and of course the amazing Providence Parks Department, we look forward to co-hosting more volunteer planting days this fall and next spring.

Special thank you again to all of you who gave to the 2020 Roger Williams Park Tree Planting Campaign. We will host the Campaign again this fall: there are so many more trees to plant in Roger Williams Park!
To volunteer in the Park visit
For information on Roger Williams Park pond and lake restoration visit
Music for this video from Blue Highway

2 thoughts on “Tree Planting!”

  1. Anna Browder says:

    Is there any way to get more trees planted in Lippitt Park? It’s a much loved and used park in which a number of trees have been lost. Trees are needed for shade in the summer.

    Is the PNP of any use inn planting this park?

    1. Lisa Dow says:

      Hi Anna, this website is for the Roger Williams Park Conservancy which is only involved in RWP. You probably want to contact the Providence Parks Dept and or see if Lippit has a “friends Group”. Other possible contacts – P3

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