Roger Williams Park Conservancy is thrilled to announce today, in partnership with the City of Providence: the “Art for the People’s Park” campaign in Roger Williams Park. The campaign combines art with the beauty and joy of the Park to help everyone re-connect with their neighbors during COVID19 social distancing. All proceeds raised as part of the campaign will fund programs in the Park for everyone to enjoy.

“COVID19 has shown how important it is for everyone, in every zip code, to have access to the outdoors and each other,” said Kevin Essington, the Conservancy’s executive director. “The ‘Art for the People’s Park’ campaign will use art, in the Park and remotely, to help everyone re-connect with the Park and their community.”

Art for you, art for the Park

We have commissioned four stunning Roger Williams Park posters for sale by Pawtucket artist Peter Cardoso. The posters are evocative of the popular posters series of 1930’s national parks. The posters are silk screened by Sawtooth Editions in Olneyville, and each print is signed and numbered on museum-grade paper by the artist. Proceeds from the poster art sale will support the campaign.

Everyone can get involved. The Conservancy has worked with Providence artist Brett Day Windham to create a Roger Williams coloring book for kids and for the kid in everyone. The coloring book is available for download or shipping in our store.

Everyone is also invited to contribute their original Roger Williams Park art. Kids and adults can contribute their drawings, paintings, or other art online. We hope you share with us how the park inspires your creativity, in whatever medium you prefer!

Small events, in the Park

We are so happy to announce art-related events in the Park beginning in July. The Conservancy plans to offer an artist-in-residence as well as painting, photography, and illustration classes. Family Photo Day will offer an opportunity for families to have their portrait taken in the Park. Park tours will be a fun way to learn more about the Park, its history, design, art, and architecture. We will also post regular interpretive videos about the art and design in the park.

We also will offer some surprises! Stay tuned for more announcements; you may even see some unannounced, joyful artistic expressions in the Park during a future visit.

“We are excited to help everyone re-connect with each other,” said Joe Pari, chair of the board of the Conservancy. “We will use two of the things that make Providence and Rhode Island great: art and Roger Williams Park. The creativity in this city can be found on every block. This campaign will help let it shine.”

“I am thrilled that the Conservancy is bringing art, music and culture into the Park for all to enjoy,” said Wendy Nilsson, Superintendent of Parks for the City of Providence. “Now more than ever, our parks are vital community gathering places. The Conservancy will ensure that people can safely reconnect around arts and culture and move toward shared and inspirational experiences.

What you can do

Join the “Art for the People’s Park” campaign today! Buy a poster. Download a coloring book. Contribute your art. Attend an event. Subscribe to our e-newsletter. Visit and share the Conservancy’s website at or follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

The campaign was launched thanks to individuals like you, The Rhode Island Foundation, and the City of Providence Department of Arts, Culture, and Tourism. We thank everyone who has already been so generous to us and Roger Williams Park. Between now and the end of the year, your donation will directly support the “Art for the People’s Park” campaign and bring joy to thousands of neighbors during a time when joy is so sorely needed.

The campaign runs through December, 2020 and we can not wait to see where it goes. See you in the Park!

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