On April 30th, Mayor Jorge O. Elorza announced Providence Slow Streets, a city-wide effort to make it safer for residents to walk, run, and ride while maintaining social distancing. Starting May 2, the City of Providence limited through-traffic on select city streets. Mayor Elorza designated about 13 miles of city streets as “Slow Street” zones.  Under this pilot program only emergency vehicles and street residents will have access to the street.

I saw last weekend what a positive impact this can have on the neighborhood. Camp Street, near my home, had roller skaters, dog walkers, children, and even an impromptu string sextet enjoying the Slow Street. I also saw Roger Williams Park spring to life with families and couples enjoying the slow, safe access to Greene Boulevard.

Here is the map from the City of Providence showing the Slow Streets in and adjacent to Roger Williams Park. Note that Providence Police will be on hand to control access and parking. If you see a problem, call 311 and the City will dispatch an officer to address the issue.

Because Slow Streets are new, we are still learning how it works. Here are the basic rules for drivers:

  • Driving is only permitted for residents only,
  • The speed limit is 10 mph,
  • Parking is not allowed (except for street residents), and
  • Yield to all pedestrians.

Here are the guidelines for pedestrians:

  • Maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet,
  • Limit your group to five family or household members,
  • Wear face protection, such as bandanas or fabric masks that cover the nose and mouth (individuals 2 and older), and
  • Stay home if you have any cold or flu symptoms

Thank you all, on behalf of the City of Providence Department of Parks, for ensuring that Slow Streets is a successful program that helps more of us get out and enjoy the city in a safe, healthy, and rejuvenating way. For any questions please email us or reach out on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.


Kevin Essington
Executive Director

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