Please note the following order by City of Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza:

“As of 12:00PM today, April 7, all Providence parks, green spaces, dog parks, sports fields and courts, and off-road trails–including Roger Williams Park, North Burial Ground, Blackstone Boulevard and Pleasant Valley Parkway—are closed for pedestrian and recreational use until May 1.”

See the full announcement and order here:
City of Providence Announces Additional Restrictions on Parks and Public Spaces

2 thoughts on “Park Closure”

  1. Enna Nosraep says:

    Are residents who live near RWP allowed to walk on the one-way road in RWP?

    1. MFischer says:

      Per the City of Providence and its Parks Department, Roger Williams Park is closed to all but vehicular through traffic at this point, and the closure is being enforced. Should that change in the future, the Conservancy will announce it here and on our social media.

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