This weekend, the City of Providence opened Maple Avenue and several smaller parking lots to allow automobile traffic. This means that the canoe launch and the Temple to Music are easier to reach for the less mobile of our visitors.  As posted recently, the Botanical Center, Museum of Natural History, Carousel, and Hasbro Playground remain closed to the public at this time.
The Conservancy asks that you drive respectfully in the Park: cyclists, walkers, and joggers enjoy the Park in great numbers.  Drive with caution and always yield to pedestrians.

Remember to stay six-feet apart from others and cover your mouth and nose.

Stay tuned to this blog, to the Roger Williams Park Conservancy social media, and email lists for regular updates. Please comment, post, call, or email us with any questions and we will reply as soon as we can. Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Update: Access to Roger Williams Park”

  1. Patricia says:

    On a recent walk in the park, I noticed that folks parked wherever the wanted on the streets, and I was disappointed to see trash including discarded face coverings along one of the paths below the Museum of Natural History.

    Normally, I would pick up litter and take it to my car, but did not have gloves or a bag to put it in with me.

    Is there messaging about “leave no trace?” This might encourage some users to pick up after themselves.

    I just can’t believe people would treat the park with such abuse. It really ruined my walk.

    I do plan to come back, but will make sure I have gloves and a trash bag with me.

  2. Jane says:

    Ditto comment above. Trash is an ever-present issue for our beloved park. I personally would like to see a return of more trash barrels that the park’s (overworked) staff could empty. Many were taken away a few years back. Why not encourage responsible park behavior by enabling people to throw their trash away in easily available bins?

    This year our Earth day trash pick up was cancelled, another blow against the trash.

    1. Kevin Essington says:

      Thank you both for letting us know. The City Parks Department lost staff during the recent furloughs. Fortunately the Superintendent got those crews back working full-time two weeks ago. They are still playing “catch-up” however, so please bear with everyone as we slowly get things back into shape.

  3. Mai Lee Xiong says:


    Every year, me, my friends, and family play volleyball down the field near the music temple. Are there any chances that we will be able to setup this year?

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