The Japanese Garden was built out of the former Monument Lake by the Depression-era Federal work program – the Works Progress Administration.

After WPA completed the beautiful Japanese Garden in 1936, the site became the most popular spot in Providence for wedding pictures. During World War Two, the area took on a new name, the Oriental Garden, reflecting the anti-Japanese feelings of the times. Today, it is still a beautiful place for quiet reflection, and is especially popular for painting and drawing classes.

The Japanese Lantern statue in the garden is one of 14 identical statues, originally dedicated in Japan in 1841. The people of Japan gave two to Providence to commemorate the 1954 centennial of Commodore Perry’s mission to Japan.  The Parks Department installed this gift in the Japanese Garden in 1954.

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Date Erected:
Works Progress Administration
Did you know?
The stone lantern statue is actually two pieces.
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