The Bike Park at Roger Williams Park is officially open! Many gathered for the ribbon-cutting with Mayor Elorza and the Providence Parks Department for the opening of the new Bike Park located across from the Temple to Music. The Bike Park includes a Pump Track and Off-Road Bike Trail. More info about each below.

Roger Williams Park Pump Track

The Roger Williams Park Pump Track is a dirt course consisting of rollers and berms for riders to propel themselves through the course using their body weight or “pumping” rather than pedaling. It can be fun for all age levels and many many types of off-road bicycles such as Mountain, cyclocross, and BMX bikes.

The Pump Track is open daily from 7am-9pm and is closed from first freeze until thaw.

The Providence Pump track is actively maintained by a group of volunteers. Please do not make any additions or alterations to the pump track. Group maintenance sessions are held the last Monday of each month March-November. To find out about park conditions, or to volunteer to help maintain the pump track contact:

Please note the following:

  • This area is unsupervised. Off-road biking can be a hazardous activity that may result in serious injury. Use at at your own risk.
  • Helmets and protective clothing are strongly recommended.
  • Please limit off-road biking to this area and established trails.
  • Area open during park hours 7am – 9pm.
  • Please help keep area litter and graffiti free.
  • Please support this area by signing up for a work day.

Please keep motorized vehicles off of the pump track.

Special thank you to the volunteers and the Providence Parks Depat., Met School, One Cyclocross Team, Circuit BMX, and many individuals who donated their time to build the course.

Off-Road Bike Trail

Surrounding the Pump Track is an Off-Road Bike Trail. The trail runs through the woods on either side of the track and gives riders a chance to practice their off-road riding skills. The trail has a number of challenging elements, including tight turns, technical downhill sections, off-camber sections, mixed-trail terrain and natural obstacles. Riders on mountain bikes, cyclocross bikes, and other off-road bikes will get to put their skills to the test on this trail.

Please note that only one half of the loop is ready to be ridden/walked.

The loop was constructed and maintained by PVD Cycling. For more information on the trail click here.