We are so pleased to congratulate the Providence Parks Department for the opening of the new Bear Ground Playscape. Along with Rhoda the Seal, Sheep Hill, and Monkey Island there are now so many fun and playful places for you to explore while connecting to the park’s long history of animals and wildlife throughout the park. This project is a creative collaboration funded by the Providence Parks Department, the Roger Williams Park Conservancy, and the Providence City Council. Enjoy this brief slide show of these fun places to explore then share your photos with us

2 thoughts on “Creatures, Great and Small: A Slide Show”

  1. Stephanie Zinone says:

    What used to be where the Bear Ground is now?

    1. Kevin Essington says:

      The current Bear Ground is the historic Bear Ground, where the City once kept captive bears for the public to observe. Other animal sights one could once see in the park include bison, camels, and of course Sheep Hill and Monkey Island.

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