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2 thoughts on “Community Film Screening ๐ŸŒณ FARMING WHILE BLACK”

  1. Hello:

    My name is Daniel Penengo. I was at the screening last night. Wonderful space and film. I know the presenter from the Conservancy asked folks to consider ways and ideas to move ideas forward.

    I wonder if you all have a community garden in the park or near the botanical center, or have plans to create one. I work in the environmental education and education field. I grow and save heirloom seeds and plants and work in different areas of the environmental movement.

    Shoot me an email if this is something that might interest the Conservancy.

    1. Lisa Dow says:

      Hi Daniel,

      The Botanical Center does have a community Garden. It is on the other side of the parking lot. I am sure they would love to connect with you. I think they are planning on having some programs there this summer. I will try and connect you with them via your email. Thanks for reaching out.
      Lisa Dow

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